How are the dash cams powered?

GNET SYSTEM dash cams need to be connected to a power source in order to work when you drive.
They all come with a dual USB charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket, so you can use one port for the dash cam and another one to charge your phone or anything else you need.
Installation tools are also included, along with instructions on how to hide the power cable for a nice, clean setup.

How does the GNET SYSTEM dash cam connect to my phone?

GNET SYSTEM dash cams use Bluetooth to pair with your phone and WiFi to stream the Video to it.
Your phone will connect to the dash cam’s WiFi in the background, meaning your data plan and any other apps on your phone will continue to work without interface.

Is GNET SYSTEM compatible with my phone?

GNET SYSTEM is compatible with iPhones and Android phones.
GNET SYSTEM isn’t compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Can GNET SYSTEM record without being paired to a phone?

Yes, some GNET SYSTEM dash cams record to their internal memory (SD memory card) on a loop basis, meaning older footage is being replaced by newly recorded footage.
To save footage to the cloud before it’s overwritten, pair your dash cam with your phone And enable its smart features, including viewing recorded drivers in real-time, free cloud backup, Parking Mode, Accident Reports and more.

Where are all the videos saved?

GNET SYSTEM is designed to save and back up your recorded drives to three separate Lcations:

Your phone’s memory: While you drive, the recording from your dash cam is streamed to the GNET app and saved on your phone.
Once the designated storage space is full, old drives will be erased to make room for New ones.

Your free GNET CLOUD accounts: GNET SYSTEM detects irregular road events, like collisions or hard brakes, and automatically creates clips of these events, backing them up immediately to your cloud account.
You can also use the app to trim recorded footage and manually create a clip of any part of your drive, to upload it to your GNET Cloud.

The dash cam’s internal memory: Your drivers are saved to the camera’s internal memory (SD card) on a loop basis.
Once your SD card is full, old footage is deleted and replaced by newer footage.

Will the app consume my phone’s battery?

Like any other app, GNET SYSTEM uses some juice from your battery, but not a lot.
The GNET app cleverly runs in the background, and only during an ongoing drive, So the battery consumption is minimal.

Will the app consume my data plan?

The GNET app uses WiFi to back up footage ot your free GNET SYSTEM cloud account.
If there’s a dangerous event, like a crash or a hard brake, the app uses a bit of your data plan to instantly secure the footage in the cloud.